Esja and Ennui

Look, I climbed a mountain! Might even have been this month - I don't recall.

I should have worn shorts. Instead I went for the unevenly rolled up jeans look. I think it's about 9 pm in this photo.
This is Esja, the mountain across the bay from Reykjavík. I climbed it with my friend Stacey one evening bloody ages ago. The weather was pretty much perfect, and it is a very popular mountain, so it was like Picadilly Circus up there. The people thinned out a bit as we got closer to the top, though. At the end it was genuinely quite steep - there were bits with chains to pull yourself up. You could see all over the city from there, and quite a lot else besides. It was a nice hike. 

Pictures and commentary from my parents' visit, when we went to the Vestmannaeyjar and also east along the south coast all the way up to Egilsstaðir, will be forthcoming when I can be bothered. Who knows when that will be? I am currently plagued with apathy and mental restlessness due to hardly having anything to do* and being alone too much. Because most of my friends have, you know, things to be doing during weekdays. I feel like when you finish your exams and your friends are all still revising so you just sit on the lawn eating strawberries by yourself. Which is strangely unsatisfying, but everyone hates you if you complain about it. This is my blog, though, and I like complaining. I'm going out now to wander around aimlessly. Maybe buy some stamps. Who fucking knows. It's actually Saturday today, so I will be meeting a friend later - and I went out to the pub with loads of people on Wednesday evening, and went to see the last Harry Potter film on Thursday. My life isn't all stamps and ennui. It just feels that way at the moment.

* Of course there are lots of things I could / should be doing.

Back in Town

Hi, everyone who checks this blog. I am not dead, I was just away with my parents. And before that I was just lazy. Reports on my whereabouts and activities over the past couple of weeks will follow. The weather is ridiculously good here in Reykjavík at the moment, and the family are mostly all away in Ísafjörður, leaving me with lots of free time to spend outside enjoying caffeine, alcohol and sugar. I will try not to get too distracted by these things, and the sunshine, to remember to write on here.