Bye Bus

My three-month bus card just expired, and I haven't got a replacement. Which means I am committed to cycling to and from work, even if it's raining. I feel like this is a positive life move - more exercise and no waiting around at bus stops, plus money saving. Undoubtedly I will be putting the bike into hibernation come late autumn though - don't fancy cycling in the snow or freezing gales. Or the dark, come to that. 

In other news, the aptitude test that I took for the MA in Translation Studies went well. My performance was described as "good". Which means that I'll be starting my third degree in September. This one might actually be of some practical use in the real world of trying to find gainful employment, and will also be the cheapest. No tuition fees in Iceland! What a great country this is.

Á Austurvelli og fleiri sögur

Hot weather and beers on Austurvöllur go together like a horse and marriage. It is like a heat-wave in Iceland right now, for serious. Here are some photos from an Austurvöllur session last Thursday after work. 

My legs enjoying the sunshine.
So photogenic.
Various people making a tiny bit of cash by collecting empty cans and bottles, because you get money back for them at the recycling place.
Ewelina, Bjarni and Logi. 
Me and Grétar in the glare of evening sunshine.
Extreme tanning/pinking.
Awesome photo face.
I just got back from a weekend in Grímsnes with Grétar and a lot of his immediate and extended family. My first Icelandic ættarmót (family reunion)! There were loads of them, including some branches from the USA and from the UK, all staying in this group of summer houses for the weekend. I mostly just talked to Grétar's immediate family, but it was fun meeting some of the English and American relations - descendants of his great aunts, I think, possibly one was a great uncle, who moved abroad. There was a barbecue party Friday evening, and then we failed to get up in time for the coach trip round the golden circle on Saturday (coach driven by Grétar's father). Instead we had a leisurely breakfast and played on the trampoline until we got too hot. Oh my lord, Saturday was hot. At least twenty degrees and hardly a breath of wind. The tan is coming on leaps and bounds, you will be pleased to hear. 

Collapsed in the extreme heat.
In the afternoon we went to the swimming pool in the nearby town/village, which had a really good slide, and then got ice-cream from the shop. There was a dinner in the Félagsheimili there in the evening, and then we went back to the summer houses for cake and singing, which I enjoyed very much, especially the one song that I actually knew (Á Sprengisandi).

I also noticed for the first time this year that we are into perpetual daylight. It's most likely been like this for a while, but I suddenly looked at my watch on Saturday night (found my watch!) and realised that it was after midnight and still broad daylight. I love Icelandic summers.

This photo was taken about 12.10 am on Saturday evening.