Obligatory Snow Photos

To my childlike delight, Reykjavík is now covered with a blanket of snow.

Three guesses what this Icelandic word means.

I was annoyed that I didn't have my camera with me yesterday, because the Tjörn was properly frozen but there was no snow, and the sun was shining on it. It was beautiful, but you will have to take my word for it. This is what Reykjavík looked like today, though.

The one spot on the Tjörn that isn't frozen.

Today I picked up the seven-year-old early, because he's no longer signed up for the after school childcare thing, and his normal school day finishes around half past one. We went to the café in the Þjóðminjasafn (National Museum) for coffee/kókómjólk and cake, and he wrote his name in the snow outside. We were talking about Bernard's Watch and he said that if cows were being naughty, he would use the watch to milk them whilst time was frozen. That's one I've never heard before. Then we went to the playschool to get the four-year-old and we all played on the frozen Tjörn for a long time, mostly running about doing skids. Or, in the four-year-old's case, just flinging herself face down in the snow. Fun times.

Coming down onto the ice.
Throwing snowballs.
Came out pretty well, although I did fall over quite hard whilst jumping from the B to the I.