Well, I am all moved in to the new flat. Unfortunately it doesn't quite have the internet yet. We got a router, and we're supposed to be getting it free because Ahmad works for the government, but as always with these things there is vesen with getting it to actually work. I have never once managed to get the internet sorted out anywhere without some sort of hassle. So I am in Babalú writing this and doing all my various internet chores, like filing my tax return (quite simple, since I do not owe any tax at all at this point) and registering my change of address. 

Apart from being cut off from the internet, my fifth limb, everything is great in the new place. I have a bed and a chest of drawers in my room, and I made a bedside table from a cardboard box, and a bin from another cardboard box, with a picture of a bin on it. The actual bin that was in the box is in the bathroom, but I almost like mine better. One thing that is nice, which I didn't think about before, is that now I am able to live in a place where the room temperature is actual room temperature, rather than Icelandic room temperature. Heating being pretty cheap over here, most Icelanders seem to have become fiercely defensive of their right to walk around their home in their underwear, and they adjust their radiators accordingly. I myself was brought up in the "just-put-on-another-jumper" school of thought and appreciate being able to wear more than just my underwear without overheating. When the snow and cold weather stops, I reckon we'll be all right just having the heating off entirely. It actually did stop for a bit a few weeks ago, but then winter changed its mind about leaving. Hasn't snowed for a few days, though, so maybe spring will be in time for Easter. I'm not holding my breath, though.

Yeah, so all the essentials (apart from the internet) are pretty much sorted, after a few trips to IKEA and Góði Hirðirinn, and some work on We own a washing machine as of yesterday, although it actually needs a part changing before it will be functional. I hope we get that sorted out quite soon, before I run out of clean clothes. But I suppose I can always go crying to a friend's house or to the Laundromat Café if things become critical. Anyway, I have to go to the shops now to get some stuff for dinner. Can't just spend my whole day off in this café.


  1. Not having the internet would be a major crisis for me! Good excuse to sit in cafes with a hot chocolate though. I love how Icelandic places are so cozy and heated although it must also dry your skin/hair/everything. Congratulations on your new place.

  2. I'm more of a venjulegt kaffi úr vélinni kind of person. Our main room is way too big to heat to Icelandic standards anyway - farðu bara í aðra peysu!