Now I Remember...

Sometimes it's all too easy to forget why on earth I would want to live in Iceland, especially in the cold, dark winter months. And then we have days like this.

Stacey and I bought sandwiches downtown and came to Heiðmörk. As you can see, the weather is impossibly perfect. And it's been like this all week!
Spot Hallgrímskirkja. And Snæfellsnes in the background - visibility was amazing.
Nice clouds.
I think I am wearing this same shirt in almost every picture of me that I have put on this blog. This is merely coincidence! I do own other clothes.
Spot the Seltjarnarnes lighthouse.
6° and sunny is totally ice-cream weather in Iceland!
After the ice-cream stop in Garðabær, we headed to Álftanes to see the President. This is his house, Bessastaðir. It has an OK view, I suppose.
Good old Reykjavík.

This evening Árni, Kevin and Christina are coming over for dinner. Life is pretty amazing today. It doesn't take much to make me happy, just sunshine and friends and mountains really. Beer and ice-cream help also.


  1. Wow! The air must be so pure, the visibility is amazing. Great photos.

  2. are you SURE this is Iceland and you haven't used some kind of "blue screen wizardry?" :) :) Great photos!!

  3. Yeah, when Iceland gets it right, it is pretty much the loveliest place on the planet. Now we are just waiting for the inevitable rain/snow/gales - it's been too nice for too long, something's not right.