Bye Bus

My three-month bus card just expired, and I haven't got a replacement. Which means I am committed to cycling to and from work, even if it's raining. I feel like this is a positive life move - more exercise and no waiting around at bus stops, plus money saving. Undoubtedly I will be putting the bike into hibernation come late autumn though - don't fancy cycling in the snow or freezing gales. Or the dark, come to that. 

In other news, the aptitude test that I took for the MA in Translation Studies went well. My performance was described as "good". Which means that I'll be starting my third degree in September. This one might actually be of some practical use in the real world of trying to find gainful employment, and will also be the cheapest. No tuition fees in Iceland! What a great country this is.


  1. hey! i have a question - im going to iceland in august and me and a bunch of other exchange students wish to go on an exploring trip before school begins. do you have any recommendations for where there is lots to do and good to camp for a whole group of not-so-wealthy-students? :)

  2. Um, I've never camped in Iceland. Or anywhere. I expect there are tourist information sites for that sort of thing.
    There is lots to do all over Iceland, as long as your idea of "doing something" involves looking at waterfalls and mountains and so forth. Points of interest are quite spaced out though, so it will be hard for you to do this without a hire car. Any tourism in Iceland will be expensive, especially if you want to venture outside the Reykjavík / Golden Circle area and it is August.
    Not sure a post about bus/bike travel within Reykjavík and my further education plans was your best bet with this enquiry, I advise you to get in touch with someone at

  3. NO tuition fees? If only I were 10 years younger and had no ties, I'd be there!

  4. There's a registration fee, but it's like 300 quid a year. Basically nothing. Only at the Uni of Iceland, though - you have to pay for the Uni of Reykjavík. Not sure about other Icelandic universities...