Esja II

The weather was good today! Sunshine for the first time in ages and a balmy 5°. So we went to climb Esja, which was much more snowy than the last time I went up. We didn't nenn all the way to the top, because of the snow and the wind, but we made it to Steinn. Here are some lovely pictures:

Photo face at the bottom.
Me on Steinn.
Mountains, Gandalf.


  1. As I sit in Brussels (5 inches deep in snow mid-March) this is very comforting to know. Given that he is called father xmas, I always wondered where his children went. Obviously the north pole was too inclined to melt in the heatwave, whereas ICEland with its underfloor heating ....

  2. I can imagine breathing the clear air in those pictures. wish i lived in Iceland!