Hi everybody. Sorry I haven't written anything for ages. I've been pretty busy, and my brother and his girlfriend were in Iceland this past week. More on that story later. For now, here are some pictures from last, last Saturday. It was some sort of horse festival in Reykjavík, and there must have been at least a hundred Icelandic horses going down Laugavegur. Icelanders get upset if you call their horses ponies (even thought they totally are), because they are a very tough breed, fully capable of carrying a grown man. All horses in Iceland today are descended from the ones brought over by the settlers from mainland Scandinavia in the ninth and tenth centuries, so if you want to know what sort of horse a medieval Norseman would have ridden, look no further. Apparently they almost always have fantastic temperaments and characters but I cannot vouch for that because I have not met any, except briefly when I was first in Iceland (five years ago, on holiday). They are definitely super cute, though.

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