Vorið er komið

Spring has come to Reykjavík. The weather since last Wednesday (the day on which my visitors from England arrived in Iceland) has been almost universally dreadful. We're talking lots of rain, cloud, fog and unusually high winds. It was on the news that a sheep-shed blew clean away on Sunday. 

However, recently there have been prolonged bursts of (relative) warmth, sunshine and a general spring-like ambience, which have been most cheering. The leaves on the trees still haven't made an appearance, but the buds are clearly thinking seriously about taking things to the next stage. Crocuses and snow-drops are out all over the place - the other day I even saw a small daffodil. The mallards, greylag geese and whooper swans on the Tjörn have been joined by oystercatchers and black-headed gulls.

Sunshine and crocuses in Klambratún. Spot Hallgrímskirkja.

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