Well, Icelandic lessons are over for the summer. Got my shiny certificate today, which to be honest is not worth the paper it's written on as an indication of ability in the Icelandic language. Everyone who shows up gets the certificate, and definitely not everyone is making what I would call excellent progress. One member of the class today used the sentence "Mér finnst gaman hérna bókabúð", which means, so far as it means anything at all, "I think it's fun here bookshop". I want it on a t-shirt. Am I just being horrible, or is it a bit pointless to be trying to learn about weak and strong adjectives when you can barely express your love of being in bookshops?

Anyway, I got 9,7 again on the test. Not really a test, because you were allowed to look at notes/books/dictionaries. I didn't, though. So yep, I'm some sort of genius or something. Maybe.

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