Can't believe Azerbaijan won. What was Europe thinking? I seriously thought Ireland had it pretty much in the bag. Just goes to show, you cannot rely on the collective taste of Europe. I went to a Eurovision party on Saturday night at my friend Pálína's. It was supposed to be a BBQ but, as is traditional, it was raining too much so it was more of a 'cook-your-own-meat-in-someone-else's-kitchen' party. Which I think probably happen more often than proper barbecue parties in Britain.

Our corner of the party were all pretty impressed by Moldova (some were moved to actually vote - not me, though). Unicycle, improbable hats, trumpets, monocle - certainly it ticked all the boxes, apart from fire. I also enjoyed Denmark, Ireland and was strangely taken with Hungary's power ballad. Partly because I find it funny to say the title (What about my dreams?) with the stress on the wrong words. Partly because I not-so-secretly love power ballads.

There was a sort of drinking game when it came to the scoring. Take a sip whenever Iceland gets a point. But nobody could have got drunk on those rules, unless they were sipping neat vodka, so I sort of ignored it. Despite these disappointments, Eurovision is always entertaining and I was with some great people, so it was a good night. I did miss Graham Norton a lot, though.


  1. At uni the rules were much more intense, a finger for every point UK got, every time there was a "pointless" conversation, anyone not wearing lipstick when the word 'lipstick' was said. also every time your country didn't get any points, it was madness.

    I didn't go out but Sindri was online talking to me so I decided to put it on, and Graham Norton absolutely did my head in, I got so angry listening to him (first time I've watched Eurovision), so I switched over to RUV and watching it in Icelandic instead, trying to learn a few names and countries in the process.

  2. Whaaaat. I love Graham Norton. The Icelandic commentator was boring. As far as I could tell she did not make a single catty comment about anyone's hair, which is obviously half the fun of Eurovision. Although I wasn't properly listening to the Icelandic commentary, so I may have misjudged.

    The best bit from her was in the semi-finals when Iceland went through and she was all like, "Ég er að fara að gráta úr gleði!" That was pretty funny.

  3. Azerbaijan: not nice to gay people. Eurovision: pretty much the gayest thing in Europe (including Brighton). WHAT were they thinking?