T-Shirt Weather

Lots of pictures in this post. It was definitely t-shirt weather yesterday, so Ahmad and I headed out for an adventure, wearing t-shirts. We had intended to get some food from the Hagkaup in Garðabær, but it turned out to be closed - something to do with Jesus, or the Holy Ghost or something. The ice-cream shop was open, though (Ísbúðin is so ungodly), so we got ice-creams and sat on the bench outside watching all the pasty pale Icelanders with their legs out. Then we got some crisps, skyr and Víking léttöl ('light' low-alcohol beer, which is the best that Iceland can do on a Sunday) from the petrol station and set out for Kleifarvatn in Reykjanes. On the way we stopped to have a look at some fish drying racks. 

Fish that has seen better days.
Me under a fishy canopy.
We found a lovely, mossy, sunny bit overlooking Kleifarvatn where we could enjoy our petrol-station picnic. It had a good rock for doing intrepid poses.

Although I do think Ahmad's failure to stand on the highest point compromises the intrepidity.
T-shirt weather! At least 13°!
The actual lake. Kleifarvatn is the title of one of the Arnaldur Indriðason murder mysteries (I think it was The Draining Lake in English), but I haven't read it.
Ahmad's quest to capture a spider on film. Or a flower, or a bit of moss or something.
Then we went a bit further on round the lake to see some geothermal activity on the beach. If you've been to Iceland you'll know what it was like - bubbly puddles, the smell of sulphur, lots of steam.
Not in this picture, though.
There we are.
Small muddy geyser. Pretty cool.
Black beach.
We went on to see another bit as well, but my camera battery died. 

I am charging it up now, because on Friday I am going east to Egilsstaðir with Ahmad and Stacey for the weekend. Friday is the 17th June which, as any fool knows, is Icelandic Independence Day. Egilsstaðir is the biggest town in eastern Iceland, with over 2000 residents. Even smaller than Ísafjörður. It's going to be a lot colder than Reykjavík. They had proper snow over there only last week, I think, so probably no t-shirt weather.


  1. "sunny bit" and "another bit", dunno bout your camera but has your vocab battery died?

    Anyway I saw Iceland's petrol station on TV in England, but it didn't look as fishy as your photos.

  2. Apparently so. I will try to do better in the future!

    Iceland's petrol station? What? There's more than one petrol station here.

  3. Get updating Abi :D
    Been a while since the last one.

    Never wanted to get a picture with a petrol station before, but after Night Shift, I have to :D

  4. I know, right. Poor effort hjá mér. But I've done it now!

    Is the comedy programme with Jón Gnarr what you are talking about, Marc? Otherwise I have no choice but to conclude that you are deranged.

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