Dogs in Iceland

The magic of the internet allows me to know the google search terms which bring people to click on this site. It seems people have some queries about dogs which I am not addressing, despite the misleading mention of a dog in the title. I don't want this blog to be a disappointment, so here are some responses to the concerns of the general world population:

"Why can't you have a dog in Iceland" - You can.

"Why are dogs banned in Reykjavik" - They're not.

"Icelandic food dogs" - They don't eat dogs in Iceland, but some people do feed dogs. They're not banned.

"Names you can't call a dog" - It's a dog, you can call it whatever you want. I once met a dog called Alan. 

Probably this post is only going to increase the flow of people who wanted to know something about dogs, and possibly dogs in Iceland. I hope they all enjoy their two seconds on here before they realise this is not what they're looking for. Unless they were wondering whether dogs were banned in Iceland - in which case I hope I was able to clear things up.

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