Fireworks Night after all

I think I managed to go to Reykjavík's only firework display on Saturday night! I went to a party with Andri, Bjarni and Ewelina, and one of the party-givers was half English. There were a few others from the UK there as well, so some people were familiar with Fireworks / Bonfire / Guy Fawkes' Night. I think it was someone visiting from Brighton who pushed for this to happen. 

Technically it is illegal to set off fireworks here before a certain date, unless you have some sort of special permission, but no police turned up. One man came outside and was kind of angry, but apart from that it was all right. There were even sparklers, although we had some trouble lighting them because of the rain. Being slightly drunk, delighted not to miss this cultural tradition, and just generally excitable when it comes to fireworks, I had a brilliant time.

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