I am quite a sleepy person at the best of times, but my energy levels are ridiculous at the moment. I am pretty sure it is a daylight issue - I just can't seem to wake up properly until it is light outside, and then I still feel all drowsy from oversleeping. Next winter I think I might consider trying to put on a lot of weight and storing up nuts and berries in the autumn, so that I can just be a dorperson through the winter darkness. 

In other news, snow has arrived in Reykjavík. Not all that much, but a bit.

Semi-frozen Tjörn.
Snowy Fríkirkja.

Apparently next week is going to be cold, especially Wednesday, and there should be more snow to come. Here is the current forecast from

We'll probably be able to walk on the Tjörn pretty soon, then.

I went down to Austurvöllur today with some people to see them turn the Christmas tree lights on. Every year, for about sixty years I think, the people of Oslo have sent a tree to Reykjavík as a present. The lights were kind of rubbish, but there was a band doing Christmas carols, and Jón Gnarr did a speech about how we should be more concerned with goodwill and kindness than Christmas presents, and it was quite fun, although I nearly got frostbite in my toes. We went to the Laundromat Café afterwards for some cake and jólabjór, and the stinging stopped eventually.

Jón Sigurðsson and some fairy-lights in the trees.
Not particularly impressive, but I suppose they made an effort.

I was thrilled also to see Bicycle Guy getting into the seasonal spirit. If you live in Reykjavík long enough, you will start noticing the same people again and again. Bicycle Guy is one of my favourites. I think he's American, but I'm not sure. He has a ridiculous beard and always wears sunglasses, and this picture of a dead polar bear on his back. He always has his bicycle with him, although he never appears to ride it, just walks it up and down Laugavegur. Or, as here, sits on it at the corner of Austurvöllur. Looking good, Bicycle Guy!

From the back. Dead polar bear which has "got no peace from Icelandic people".
From the front. Unfortunately this is out of focus because I got a bit flustered and didn't take my time. You also sadly cannot see his beard for his bizarre face-warmer thing.


  1. Hey Abi,
    Akureyri got a huge dump of snow last took me two hours of shovelling to get out of my driveway this morning!
    Cheers from The North,


  2. I love your blog - I had to go back to the beginning and read the whole thing! You're so lucky, I wish I had the chance to do what you're doing as a student. I hope you don't mind, but I've put a link to your blog on mine as it's definitely one of the more interesting Iceland blogs out there at the moment!

  3. Of course I don't mind! I find it totally bizarre that people who don't know me at all are interested in reading about my life, but really thanks for the comment, it makes me happy to hear that people enjoy this rubbish. What's your blog? Is it Iceland related?

    Malheureusement, I am not a student. The end of my student days was the catalyst for the beginning of my au pair days. And the end of my au pair days look set to mark the beginning of my days of panic and penury.

    Winston: Yeah, it always snows more up north, I reckon. You want to be down here in cosy Reykjavík (currently colder than Akureyri, but whatever).

  4. His beard is wearing a mitten. Fantastic.

  5. Ahaha, Polar Bear Guy went past us on Laugarvegur that guy, didn't he? I'm sure a bell was rung when I saw that photo on his back.