Hæ krakkar. Well, life goes on much the same here in Iceland, much as it does in most other countries I imagine. Work, eat, sleep, friends, boyfriend, drinks, parties, pubs, cafés, swimming, etc. Some news: 

1. I have an exam in a week in which I will have to translate a three hundred word text from Icelandic to English, to see if I am clever enough to get into Háskóli Íslands. I think I probably will be.

2. My friend Christina is leaving Iceland to go travelling in South America for a year. Sad growls. But this does mean that I get her bicycle, so there is a silver lining. We had a goodbye/bicycle party at our flat last Friday. The next day Grétar and I cycled to the pool in Seltjarnarnes (which is really not very far away) and it is evident that my legs have forgotten how to do this. I need to build up some bike muscles again... 

3. I have lost my watch. I am quite upset about this.

The weather's been absolutely fantastic - spring-time in Iceland is probably the best thing in the world. The summer birds are all here and it's stopped getting dark. A few times it's been warm enough to go out without a coat. On Sunday in fact it was full on t-shirt weather, got up to fourteen or fifteen degrees. Christina, Kalli, Grétar and I went to Hvalfjörður and hiked to Glymur, the tallest waterfall in Iceland. It was so hot and sunny that I got a bit burnt round my neck. Otherwise the tan is coming on nicely.

Hiking up the top of the valley, looking out towards where Hvalfjörður opens into the sea.

A glimpse of the top of the waterfall coming over the ridge.

The waterfall Glymur itself. It was much more beautiful than this photo. Very high. You can see the fulmars nesting on the cliffs to the right.

Kalli during our lunch break.
Walking companions.
Beyond the top of the waterfall, following the river to the lake Hvalvatn.
Christina and Kalli fording the river. It was really, really cold on bare feet. It was the first time I've forded an Icelandic river on foot!
Grétar makes it to the other side.
Feet drying (and warming up) in the sun.
Then we walked back along the river to Glymur again, but on the other side this time.
The background came out really hazy on a lot of my photos, because it was so bright. The weather really couldn't have been better.
Some little fosses building up to the big one.
Such a beautiful spot.
I practice my intrepid explorer pose.
Probably one of the best waterfalls I have seen in Iceland.

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  1. Magnifiques photos !
    Your blog is nice and interesting :)
    ps: I would like the flag of your beautiful country on my website :))
    thank you