Tiger and Life

This is not a post about anything, just a series of pictures and things from my life. Today is a national holiday in Iceland. It's May Day; we're celebrating the struggle for workers' rights and that. In our house we have just finished turning one of the walls into a shrine to Páll Óskar, which was definitely a good idea. 

Thomas with the majesty of the Páll Óskar wall. As it said on the packet, these are indeed 34 gordjöss póstkort fyrir alla fjölskylduna.
It looks well good. In order to stick these up I went to Tiger yesterday to get some blue tac. Guess what it's called in Danish?

Much better name for it! Although I wonder if there actually is a resemblance, and how do they know?
Tiger is great. It was Bjarni's birthday yesterday, so as well as my elefantsnot, I also got him a lollipop, a card, and probably the most pointless item in the entire shop: Be Quiet plasters! I also got these for my brother's birthday, because they are excellent. They are just plasters with stupid things written on them, apparently designed by recovering Danish drug-addicts as a communication aid (because sometimes it is difficult to say "be honest" with your mouth). We went to Hemmi og Valdi for some birthday beers with Bjarni last night and the plasters were a big hit. 

Grétar modelling the "Do you understand what I am saying?" plaster.
Today we are mostly hanging around the house. Thomas, Hlín, Högni and I just went for ice-cream at Ísbúðin Vesturbæjar. Ahmad is preparing hummus and other delicious things for an Arabic food evening, so we've got some friends coming over later. I suppose we should be marching for our rights or something, but this seems more relaxing.

Our living room is amazing.
Wegetable prep.
Högni gets to grips with the finer points of the art of photography.
Bravo, Christina and me in Babalú on Sunday. Look, I am wearing different clothes.
Stacey and Ahmad in Babalú. Enjoying the book of Glen Baxter cartoons.
Our toothbrush holder. This excellent mug sadly suffered a hairline fracture in transit to Iceland, but luckily I was able to find it a new role.

I am sure you enjoyed this unfocused glimpse of my home, friends and life.


  1. Is that mattress on your living room floor so you can be comfortably horizontal anywhere?

  2. Partly, but mostly it is there because we are too cheap to buy sofas. We have three other mattresses out of shot.

  3. A wall of Páll Óskar! I am so envious.