Look! We've got a kitten! Well, Ahmad has got a kitten, but I live in the same house, so it's like we've all got a kitten. He is five months old, pretty stripy and really good at pouncing on things. Like your fingers when you're typing for example. His name is Ljóni, which basically means Liony. Undeniably an excellent cat name.

Oh my days, a kitten!

This is my first post in absolutely ages, I know. I have been doing interesting things, but I have not been motivated to share these things with the internet. I am hoping this kitten picture will make up for it. Here is a list also of some of the things that I have done since I last wrote on here, not necessarily in chronological order:

1. Climbed Keilir with Grétar and his friend Davíð, and Davíð's brother Guðni, got a lot of bits of mountain in my shoes.

2. Watched quite a lot of the football in the English Pub and Kex Hostel with various people, saw England knocked out on penalties again, was overcome with apathy.

3. Went downtown to celebrate the 17th June (Icelandic Independence Day, remember), ate too much sugar, felt headachey and unwell, went home to lie down.

4. Went to Nauthólsvík for the first time (where Icelanders go when they want to pretend they don't live in Iceland, they actually live in Spain) and had a picnic, did not swim in the sea because I knew that I was not in Spain.

5. Went round Stacey's house to celebrate the 4th July (I'm sure you know this one), ate too much meat, felt OK after a small rest but didn't want any cake.

6. Tried indoor rock-climbing with my friend Villimey, was not super good at it but didn't hurt my arm muscles, such as they are, as much as I thought I would.

7. Got a kitten!

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  1. More kitten pictures please! :) And news on your summer! We are having a right rainy one here - whats the weather like with you?