Dark, dark, dark

It is still really dark in the mornings. This was one of the things I was least looking forward to about living in Iceland, and yeah, it's pretty miserable. However, because Iceland veers between such extremes in relation to daylight, it's changing fairly fast. Sunrise gets about three and a half minutes earlier every day. I have calculated that on the 28th March, the sun will finally be up when I get up (7 am). Looking forward to that.

I'm quite enjoying the weather though - it's sort of hovering around freezing point, which I think is a nice temperature. Cold enough to feel bracing and make you glad you're wearing gloves, but not cold enough to discomfort you. Just perhaps a bit more sun would be nice, but it's not like I'm not used to overcast weather having lived in England my whole life. I also still find snow genuinely exciting - possibly I'm the only British person who has not been immured against this following our recent winters. I was walking back from the bus stop after taking the 6-year-old to his ice-hockey lesson today and it was practically a blizzard. I was grinning like an idiot and people were giving me funny looks.

I got my kennitala yesterday! This is like my social security number - I need it to do pretty much anything in Iceland. Now I can get a library card, and open a bank account and so forth. My legal domicile is also now registered as here, which is exciting. 

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