That guy from that band

I went to Bónus today to buy a red pepper. Even in Iceland, my life is intensely exciting. I don't know exactly what the British eqivalent of Bónus would be, but somewhere around Lidl or Aldi. The Bónus pig should give you an idea.

What? Who designed this?
Bónus is not central to this post, I just wanted an excuse to include a picture of the supermarket's mascot, which amuses me. Perhaps the pig is supposed to be drunk with the heady excitement of cheap, cheap prices. Anyway, I came out and was walking along Laugavegur with my head down, because the snow was all blowing in my face. I looked up and who should I see walking right past me? Only Jónsi from Sigur Rós. Reykjavík is so small and Iceland has so few people (most of which are in Reykjavík), that really it was only a matter of time before I saw somebody I recognised. Still, I was quietly thrilled.

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  1. Oh I know the feeling! Last week I was in a hot pot with the lead singer of gusGus Daniel Agust Haraldsson. You keep it cool on the surface but inside you go : "yessss!".