Sun, Snow and Icelandic Skills

It hasn't really taken long to get the hang of central Reykjavík, since it is tiny. I think there is still a bit more to explore without going into the suburbs, but not very much. Generally I am settling in all right. I can't really tell if my Icelandic is improving or remaining static, but I've had no trouble in shops or anything. Only in the tourist shop where I bought a load of postcards was I spoken to in English; the rest of the time people have been replying in Icelandic, which must be a good sign. I also went out the other day for a coffee and a drive with an Icelander that I knew from a language-learning site and, although there were a few hiccups, I would say my conversation skills weren't too bad. We certainly managed to keep most of it in Icelandic - whether I was speaking like an absolute moron or not I couldn't say, but he seemed to understand me most of the time. My vocabulary is OK, because I've spent so much time reading Icelandic books - it's just the conjugations and declensions that trip me up. If I couldn't ever resort to English, though, I don't think I would get on too well. It is frustrating, not being able to express yourself properly or understand everything that's said to you, but then I've been here less than two weeks.

Anyway, here are some pictures of Reykjavík taken over the last few days. We've had a little bit of snow, and a tiny bit of sun as well, which has of course been pretty exciting.

Frozen Tjörn
Look, the sun! Under those clouds! The towery bit is Hallgrímskirkja.

That missing view from Sæbraut.
That sculpture down by the sea. I forget what it's called.

Restaurant for tourists on Laugavegur. 5900 krónur is about £32 (according to the internets).
"Milk is good." It sure is.


  1. Abi, thanks for your message, I just stumbled across this! great to read how you're getting on! Nice sculpture. Keep it up, I actually LOLed for real reading about the rotten shark, 4x4s, and best of all, the grandpa! Brilliant. Persevere with the language - 2 weeks is nothing, sounds like you're doing a great job. In 3 months you'll be fluent! Hope the kids are alright, mine are angels one day, monsters the next. Bisous, Becs

  2. I wonder what puffin tastes like - chicken? :) Hope you are enjoying Iceland! From Steph F