Icelandic company names that are sort of funny

Foreign company / brand names that sound like something else in English - because I am all kinds of mature, I am easily amused by this sort of thing.

Krap - Not actually a brand, I don't think? This is just the Icelandic word for slushies. It is also the Icelandic word for wet, slushy snow. Anyway, ha.

Emmessís - An ice-cream company. Looks a lot like a misspelling of emesis. Is that a commonly known word? I think I learnt it off E.R.

Glans - Some car-wash company. In Icelandic it means like "shine" or "gleam". In English it doesn't.

P.S. Of course the French drink "Pschitt" remains undefeated in this category. Genuinely I am laughing just thinking about it. I am so highbrow.

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  1. I really really wanted to film myself asking for "a big Krap" in English and being served with something.... I don't know why I didn't. I have the WORST time at keeping a straight face I guess, haha.