I'm a spesh

OK, so Icelandic 5 doesn't actually start until the 31st of October. Not August. I saw 31.10 and thought August because... I'm deranged? Seriously, the only thing I can think is that I saw '10' and thought of my birthday. Which is the 10th of August. My brain's ability to process numbers is apparently much, much worse than I'd previously suspected.
So this morning I went on a fun bus ride, punctuated with an embarrassing conversation with the receptionist there. I did not even execute the bus trip properly - I accidentally went all the way up to Kópavogur at first and had to get another bus back in the other direction. It's incredible that I manage to get dressed in the mornings without mishap.

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  1. How can you be sure that you do? Ever wondered why people stare... it's the four pairs of trousers and shoes on your hands.