Um Yeah

Yeah, I know. What are you going to do about it?

I'm going away on holiday tomorrow. When I get back I promise I will put so many pictures and paragraphs of text on this blog that it will take you ages to wade through it all.

It was Reykjavík Gay Pride over the weekend and I had a lovely time watching the parade and drinking beer with wonderful people, many of whom were at some point topless. Also, it's quite near my birthday! On Friday I had a drinks-with-friends sort of birthday party at Kaffibarinn, and today I had a cake-and-presents time with my host family. I got brightly-coloured socks, a copy of Hávamál and a book about Icelandic birds! One of the sock pairs has teapots on. They clearly know me quite well by now. Tomorrow I'll be spending some time in London with some people I haven't seen for far too long, which I am extremely excited about, and the day after I will be celebrating my birthday for the third time avec ma famille. And by that time it will actually be my birthday, and instead of being a greying 22-year-old I'll be a greying 23-year-old. Which is maybe better, I suppose? 

Also, yesterday I climbed a small mountain / large hill and looked at a glacier (Mýrdalsjökull). Last time I posted here I was in a somewhat melancholy frame of mind. This didn't last long, though, and just recently mostly everything's fantastic. Iceland is great. Well, I'll leave you on that upbeat note and I definitely promise that this won't be the only thing I write until September.

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