Remember when it was warm and sunny?

Here are some pictures from Reykjavík Gay Pride, which was about a month ago. Back when it was still summer.

We were standing by the roundabout where Njarðargata intersects with Sóleyjargata.
Is this Jón Gnarr...
... or is this? Answers on the back of a postcard, please.
An acrobatic young man.
"Princesses are lesbians too"
Páll Óskar and men in Páll Óskar masks. Slightly unnerving.
Friddi and the Germans (from left to right: Maria, Julia, Janina, Friddi).
So many people.
 Crowds making their way past MR (the 15-year-old's school) and towards Lækjartorg.
Bjarni's visiting friend Alistair, Kalli, Ewelina and me under the gaybrella.
Bjarni and Kalli at our street party.
Then we moved to Austurvöllur. Björgvin under the gaybrella.
Party on Friddi's balcony. Kalli, Bjarni, Andri, Janina and Julia.
Andri and the beginnings of a beard he is growing in order to look more like a barbarian. Because he wants to be an extra in the second series of Game of Thrones, which they're going to film some of in Iceland. He is much more beardy now. No longer wearing balloons on his head, though.
I can't be bothered to write much about this day; it was so long ago, and I think the pictures give a pretty fair impression. I had a lovely time, though, and I miss it being hot and sunny enough to sit around outside drinking.

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