Winter is coming

It's got cold all of a sudden. Cold and windy. It was OK to go out without a coat on the weekend, almost without a jumper, but it's about 4° right now, although supposed to warm up later in the day. I went out last night to meet Stacey, because it was her birthday, and even in my new coat I was shivering walking home. Probably because I am too skinny and need to eat more, it actually doesn't take much to make me shiver and chatter my teeth - something which seems to either amuse or irritate people - but seriously, we all agreed it was proper cold. The kids were made to wear hats to school today. I'm going to start carrying gloves again.

Oh, and I got my haircut. Failed the first time I went because they had double-booked my appointment and I'd accidentally given them the wrong phone number, so turned up anyway. But I went yesterday and my fringe is no longer growing into my eyes, which is a relief.

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