A snapshot of my exciting life

What is happening in my life? Well, I'm getting a haircut today. My third in Iceland so far. The other two have quite upset me, so I'm nervous about that.

Nothing else particular planned for this week, except a party on Friday. What did I do on the weekend?

The eleven-year-old and the three-year-old have become twelve and four. There was a birthday party on Saturday. In my experience, Icelandic childrens' birthday parties are all very similar (although I suppose maybe just because I've only been to ones for children within the same extended family). Have you ever seen 101 Reykjavík? Do you remember the Christmas party scene? Yeah, sort of like that. There is always lots of cake, though. The one on Saturday was particularly good. One thing that upsets me about these events is that most people just put everything on the same plate together at the same time. Nachos and tuna salad and salami and chocolate cake and ice-cream all a little bit touching each other. I don't know how they can stand this. I had a plate of savoury food, went and washed my plate, and then had pudding. Like a normal person. Then I made my escape and went to the graveyard, because it is a nice place with lots of trees and flowers, and I like looking at dead people's names. I lay down for a bit under a redcurrant bush (not on someone's grave) and had an accidental nap, which is sometimes the best kind of nap. But when you wake up in a graveyard it's a bit alarming. In the evening I went to the cinema with the 15-year-old and it was almost cold enough for my new coat by the time we came out. Not long now, surely.

On Sunday we had sunshine and it was really hot, so Ahmad and I went to the pool. But not until after he'd made me walk around Kringlan looking at coats for ages and then didn't even buy one. I am like a small child if you force me into a clothes shopping experience - I tend to get whiny and impatient. I had warned him about this, and hopefully he has learned his lesson. At least it wasn't shoes. Then after 'swimming' (read: sitting in the hot-pot discussing our personal lives), we headed back into town and listened to the God channel on the radio whilst we drove down Laugavegur (someone called Sue telling about how she used to stab her husband whilst he was passed out from drink, but then she found Jesus and everything was gravy), and got ice-cream to eat on Austurvöllur. And we visited our friend Paulina, who just got a new job at a new restaurant on Austurstræti, called Happ. I got some free juice and I would recommend. Not least because you walk in and are immediately confronted with a large picture of my hero Jörundur hundadagakonungur! And there's also a blown-up copy of his crazy declaration of independence.

P.S. The baby got a name just before I went away to France! If I know you personally, I am sure I will let you know what it is in a letter or using my voice. I have probably already done so.

P.P.S. Simon is still missing in action, presumed taken by children and left somewhere improbable. I just keep telling myself he must be in the house somewhere.

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