Clown Trousers

I was joking when I wrote it before, but today I did see a girl in Babalú wearing what appeared to be clown trousers. I tried to take a sneaky photo, and didn't do a great job. I am not the subtlest knife in the drawer.* But I think you can see the trousers OK.

This is also just a nice, if slightly out of focus, photo of Ahmad eating a biscuit.

How about that. Also visible in this photo are some people playing Scrabble with nine tiles on the rack. What?

Then we went for a walk round a drizzly, grey Reykjavík, ran into Friddi and Pálína briefly, bought some chocolate, laughed at some tights in a shop window that I laugh at every time I walk past. Standard Sunday afternoon. I am going to take a picture of those tights one day, because they are outstanding.

* Slightly nonsensical Pullman reference. I love those books with the fire of a thousand suns.

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