Reykjavík and beyond

Here are some pictures that I took recently. It is still fairly autumnal here, although I would say we're on the verge of winter. I tend to only take pictures when it's sunny, so the images on this blog give a misleading impression of Iceland. Most of the time, it is cloudy. Just like England. I'm not really sure if the high proportion of overcast days infuses Icelanders with a sense of wistful melancholy, but at least they don't have to worry about badgers.

In news of my life, apparently only one other person wanted to do Icelandic 5, so it was cancelled. Rubbish.

Hallgrímskirkja and Hljómskálagarðurinn seen from across the Tjörn.
Snowy mountains seen down Kárastígur.
Next to Drekinn (The Dragon), looking down Frakkastígur.
Snow-capped peaks.
Some boring gulls standing on the first thin film of ice on the Tjörn, yesterday morning.
Icelandic horses near Mosfellsbær.
A causeway to some island; we didn't know what it was called.
Good clouds.

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