Back in Iceland

Hello, again. I've been in England over the holidays, but came back to Iceland about a week ago. I'm currently renting a room in a house with some people that I met at parties last year, and trying to persuade somebody to employ me. My life is not particularly exciting at the moment. When I'm not submitting job applications I am mostly drinking tea, reading books and watching Sherlock on my laptop.

Still, last week was fun, seeing most of my Iceland-based friends again, going out and doing things (swimming, cinema, eating, drinking), going round people's houses. This level of fun is sadly not sustainable, because fun is quite expensive. Hopefully I will get a job soon. I would hire me, what with all my skills, so surely someone will see sense sooner or later.

My new location is a bit further away from downtown, near the graveyard - I thought it was 107, but apparently it was recently made part of 101. So I'm still cool. It's nice as well because my good friend Stacey lives literally a few houses up the road.

Of course the weather is mostly terrible. It's been snow, rain and high winds most days. I went out on Friday night and most of the pavements were like a skating rink. It was a proper adventure trying to get across town. Not so bad now, though. That is pretty much all I can think of to write at the moment. It's nice to be back in Iceland.

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  1. Good to have a new post, I was wondering when you would blog again. Good luck with the job hunting.