Barbecue Weather

Happy Australia Day! It was actually a few days ago, but I went to a celebratory beach barbecue today, down by the Viðey ferry. It's an event organised by my Australian friend, Kalli - this is the fifth year he's done it. During the time that I was there, only three of those in attendance were actually Australian, but for Iceland that seems like a good turnout. Especially considering the weather, which was cold and grey, with the wind and the drizzle getting steadily stronger. With a plastic cup of Kalli's home-brewed beer, home-made lamingtons (Australian cake thing), some pylsur on the grill and a little Australian flag stuck in my glove, though, the weather didn't matter too much. Despite the downsides of barbecuing in January in the northern hemisphere, it seems like a really fun tradition. Apparently somebody Kalli knows from Kastljós (sort of current affairs programme) said they might come down and film a bit of it. There's not a lot of news in Iceland. If they did come, though, it was after I left, so I will not be on the television either way.

Eventually I did become too cold to function, and Ahmad and I made our escape to Seltjarnarnes pool to warm up in the hot pot for an hour or so. Now I think I will have a restorative nap, before heading round to Stacey's this evening for drinks and Thai food. I would vote this a good Saturday.

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