Snow and that

Reykjavík had a pretty big snow-storm this morning. I went out on an expedition to the library just after midday and took a few photos. It's really not that cold, so it was nice. Of course, the downside to relative warmth and snow is that it is already turning to slush on the pavements, which will then freeze to form a treacherous sheet of death-ice. Makes leaving the house much more exciting.

In the graveyard.

In other news from the far north, the northern lights have been really strong recently. Stacey and I went out to Seltjarnarnes to look for them on Saturday night, but essentially just spent forty-five minutes standing on a snowy beach in the freezing wind, peering into a mostly clouded sky. I could see them from my window on Sunday evening, though. I heard that they've been spotted in Scotland and northern England as well.

Life update: still unemployed, making a lot of soups and stews.

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