Happy New Year (a bit late)

Every year in Iceland there is a programme called 'Áramótaskaup' (New Year's Joke), broadcast on New Year's Eve. It's a sort of topical comedy sketch show, and it always ends with a song. 2010's song is superb. It's a version of 'Empire State of Mind' by Jay Z and Alicia Keys, sung by Ágústa Eva Erlendsdóttir, who once represented Iceland at Eurovison as her comedy alter ego Silvía Nótt, and played Eva in the film 'Jar City' / 'Mýrin'. It features Icelandic politician Jón Bjarnason eating snuff by the handful, some teenagers giving a giant króna a cup of coffee, some hungover bankers being handed their marching orders and, best of all really, a lovely optimistic message of hope for the future. See below for translated lyrics. They don't rhyme anymore, and some of it sounds a bit weird, but you will get the idea. I started a new line everytime the on-screen subtitles change. Gleðilegt nýár, öll!

("Well, it's starting to heat up in parliament, we'll go in and have a look."
"This left-wing government is useless. I need someone to replace them who is fit to govern. I intend to be that person."
"I can't be fucking bothered with this anymore"
"Why can't I hire my son? Is he somehow worse than other sons?"
"I am not fat!"
.... can't tell what anyone's saying here, too many people talking at once...)

Hey, hey!
All of you shut up!
Do you think it's quite reasonable to belch here and ramble
Up on your podiums like you've always done
Something's not quite right when a fire burns outside
And in here the politician sits totally impotent
Wouldn't it be sensible to stop attacking each other
And let out the foul smell of this political hot air?
Whilst the Taxman, Loki and the demons dress our children up in chains
Built from the debt of old calculating errors
We don't want to hear about more written-off loans
For the chosen vikings, the flash criminals - the idiots.
Those sick money-imps with shit all up their backs
Who then slunk off and left you behind in the rubble.
But oh, unfortunately, no peace, we need to make cuts.
It's so horribly unfair, the way this pie is sliced
But we've been driven before onto the ice and come back strong.
We fell asleep on our watch but this evening we'll wake up.

New Year!
Let's reject those things worth rejecting
And start to change.
Happy New Year!
We'll throw out the worst
And harness our best.
Happy New Year!

We cannot forget in this strange situation
There are fewer of us than live on one street in any foreign country.
A few thousand people, all like sisters and brothers.
Let's kindle a new fire and blow life into the old embers.
Let's enjoy our small population and join hands together,
Everything's fucked as well in lots of other countries.
In Portugal, Britain, Ireland, Greece,
And the American dream is struggling in its death throes.
But here is where I want to be and rest my bones.
There's so much good here that we have to do.
This statistical-figure-kid isn't a package of problems
But the generation destined to inherit the whole thing.
Because the future, it awaits
And the future doesn't hold the same mistakes we made, no I don't think so.
Let's write the story again and turn our backs on the bandits.
Let's dance out in the street and give each other five.

New Year!
Let's overthrow them and cast them into the fire
To melt down for Icelandic steel.
Happy New Year!
Now we welcome the future
And tighten our embraces.
Happy New Year!

Hey, stand up out of your chair in your crisp-ironed dresses
Throw out bad thoughts and grab your arse inside your trousers
In the city centre and the suburbs, at the New Year's parties,
Hug all your cousins, then go and see the fireworks.
And shout into the sky your dearest wishes.
We'll make it out of this volcanic ash with stubbornness and tenacity.
And with cooperation and cohesion and collaboration and just co... whatever!

New Year!
Let's say goodbye to the private interest mafia
And make the generations rejoice.
Happy New Year!
We'll all join hands together,
Friends and enemies!
Happy New Year!

Let's raise a glass to Iceland
And all its countless merits
Because despite everything I want to be
My whole life just here with you with me,

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