So Here I Am

So here I am in Iceland. It is 10.30 am and still dark outside, which is mostly depressing. I am perfecting my wide-eyed face of incomprehension and saying 'Ha?' a lot, but in general I am doing slightly better at communicating in Icelandic than I thought I would. And things can only get better. 
I am perfectly competent at talking with the 3-year-old about what colour things are, so that's a start.
I will probably write some more later, but I am still a bit overwhelmed/tired right now. Think I'm just going to go back to watching Babar in Icelandic with the two younger kids.


  1. They have Icelandic Babar? As in the unusually smartly dressed, hot air balloon riding elephant? That's brilliant! Hope you are fitting in well, I'm sure you'll be conversationally fluent in no time. What are your digs like? How do meals work, do they let your do your own thing... or do you sit down with the family looking nervous and tense? Ha ha, I can imagine it now. All the best and lots of love!

  2. Já já. It's the exact same programme, just with Icelandic dubbing. I eat with them, not nervous unless they try to feed me rotten shark again, and my room is pretty sweet.