In which I apparently embarrass myself, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't my fault

So last night I went out to the cinema with the 15-year-old. Obviously she is not old enough to drive, so I was supposed to be doing that. We didn't take the massive automatic 4x4 - instead we were in the massive (but slightly less so) manual Volvo. I was actually doing pretty well, after I got used to the gear-stick and handbrake being on the wrong side. I slowed down as we came up to a roundabout and put it down into 2nd, and then it stalled. I'm pretty sure it wasn't my fault, because we were in 2nd and weren't going that slowly. So I turned it off, put it into neutral, handbrake on, turned the ignition again - everything you're supposed to do, and... nothing. It made a sort of noise, but it wouldn't start again. I tried it in gear, with the clutch in various positions (since I don't know anything about cars, I don't know whether these things could make an actual difference - I was clutching at straws), but it didn't work.  I was definitely turning the key all the way. So I put the hazard warning lights on and the 15-year-old called her dad. All the cars behind me were honking their horns, even though I was obviously not stationary out of choice - people don't just stop five metres away from a roundabout and forget what they're supposed to be doing.

All the time I was thinking, "If he gets here and it starts immediately, this is going to be super embarrassing." So obviously that's exactly what happened. Sigh. 

Anyway, the film was fun. They have intermissions in Iceland, like the olden days. How quaint. I understood perhaps 30% of what they were saying, but I could follow the story well enough. It was called Gauragangur, about some kid who's at school and various things happen. Yeah, I am not good at summarising plots (especially ones I only just grasped), but it doesn't matter really because it's unlikely that you were considering going to see this.

In other news, I went to Austurvöllur (a square in central Reykjavík) today and saw an establishment called 'The English Pub'. They had Guiness signs up and were flying the Faroese flag. I laughed to myself.
Close but no cigar.

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