Landmarks and Birds of Reykjavík

I went out for a walk today to try and get my bearings a bit. The weather is completely overcast, but not raining or very cold at all. I went down to Sæbraut, but the scenery was missing.
You can just see the base of the mountains. To make up for the grey, miserable weather, Reykjavík is fairly brightly coloured, which is nice. I can't remember which street this is, but you can see all the houses painted blue and green and red. Trés jolie.
 I also took some standard tourist shots, when I thought nobody was looking.
This is Hallgrímskirkja (Hallgrímur's church), a famous Reykjavík landmark. The green man in front is Leifur 'heppni' Eiríksson - you probably know him as Leif the Lucky. He's the one who was (maybe, probably) the first European to set foot in North America, which he named Vínland (Wineland). Practically this exact photo has been taken thousands of times before, but hey, you're only in Manchester once.
This different green man is Ingólfur Arnarson, the 'first settler' of Iceland. Probably he wasn't really, but who cares. He came to Iceland in 874 AD, and built his farm on the site of modern-day Reykjavík.
And here are some nice birds that I saw.
Eider Duck  
The trees were absolutely packed with redwings, blackbirds and starlings, all singing away like mad. I suppose because there aren't very many hours of daylight they have to sing more energetically whilst they have the chance.

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