Ballið á Bessastöðum

I forgot - I did do something noteworthy last weekend. I went to the theatre with all four of the kids to see a children's play. It looked like this:

I understood most of it. In case you didn't catch it, they are singing here the title of the play, "Ballið á Bessastöðum". Albeit with a bit more la-ing. Bessastaðir is the residence of the President of Iceland, who is a main character in the play. He is mostly unhappy because he has to answer letters all day and has no time to eat waffles. The basic story is that someone is getting married, and therefore needs a cake. Also, the king, queen and princess of Norway are coming to visit Iceland. The cake is accidentally ruined, and the President of Iceland and the princess of Norway set off with it to try and find the person who can fix it. There is also a ghost baker from the days when Iceland was a Danish colony, and he is unhappy with the quality of the cake to start off with. Anyway, they end up eating the cake and using it as currency, so by the time they get to the person there is hardly any left anyway. Luckily, the ghost baker bakes another, better cake and they all go back to Bessastaðir and have a big party, because it is this wedding (although I don't remember it actually taking place) and also the 17th of June, which is Iceland's Independence Day. Oh, and someone who was trying to pull the President by sending him socks through the post paints Bessastaðir pink. 

Yeah, I have incredible summarising skills. Anyway, it was a fun time.


  1. Wow, just read this over and it reads like the confused ramblings of a drunk person relating a really weird dream they once had. Don't know whether this is an accurate representation of the play...

  2. Yeah you made it seem as if it was just that singing over and over again, would drive me insane. So it's based on a true story eh? :P

  3. lol sorry just reread my comment and it didn't actually seem like I was joking, just letting you know I was :P