Níu komma sjö

I finished my Icelandic course today. For the final exam, if it can be called an exam since it was pretty informal and you could look at your books and everything (although I did not, out of principle), I got 9.7, which equates I believe to 97%. Some of the marks I dropped were also slightly controversial. For example, my spelling of the word for ankle was corrected to "ökli", when by far the most common spelling, and the one that appears in our textbook, is "ökkli". There was also one section about adding the definite article on to the end of words. Skæri ("scissors"), which, like scissors, only exists in the plural, was in the table with the singular words. It said above the table, "All these words are in the nominative singular". Hmmm, I thought to myself, I know that it's skærin but in the singular it would have to be skærið... I didn't think the singular existed, but I went ahead with skærið, which was apparently wrong. Not quite cricket, I would say. 

Overall, I think that Icelandic 3 was a bit easy for me. But I met some great people, and it was sort of nice to find nearly everything well within my abilities, in an I'm-not-pushing-myself-at-all kind of way. Icelandic 4 starts on the 11th April. I haven't enrolled yet, but I mostly likely will.

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