A short anecdote about Rolling Stone magazine

Justin Bieber is on the front cover of the most recent edition of Rolling Stone magazine, which the father has a subscription to. They all think it's hilarious to tease the 15-year-old by pretending that she fancies Justin Bieber and the 3-year-old was having a great time walking round with the magazine, showing it to people so they could say, "Er hann ekki sætur?" ("Isn't he cute?"). Then her father gave her the previous edition. She asked, "Er þetta líka Justin Bieber?" ("Is that Justin Bieber too?"). Here is a picture of the front cover she was asking about:


  1. Rofl, did she also say „Er hann ekki sætur?„ about this cover as well?

  2. Nah, we were the ones saying, "Er hann ekki sætur?" She thinks it's really funny if you do it in an exaggerated voice.

    Not sure whether she knows that Justin Bieber is a name, or just a word meaning "person on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine"? Either way, lol.