Pósturinn Páll is erratic and overzealous

In Iceland, my old childhood favourite Postman Pat is called Pósturinn Páll. Jess is called Njáll. Ridiculous. 

But really this post is about the Icelandic postal system, and specifically about the guys working in the international packages department. What is their deal? Why does it take them so long to process these things? Why do they have to open everything? 

Most frustratingly, when my mother legibly writes the contents and value of a package on a label, and then sticks that label on the package, why do they remain so confused about the contents and value of the package that they feel unable to allow me to have it without also receiving an e-mail from my mother confirming that yes, it's fucking tea and it's worth about three fucking quid? Hmm?

They also opened said tea, either before receiving the confirmation e-mail (in which case why do you need this in electronic writing when you can see it's tea with your own eyes?) or afterwards (in which case, if you don't trust my mother's word when she's given you the information twice, why don't you just skip this e-mail stage?). We are currently going through this process for the second time with some earphones that I ordered on Amazon and had delivered to my parents. Amazon doesn't deliver to Iceland and to be honest I can see why. They don't need that sort of hassle.

Actually, I think it may be a trust issue specific to my mother, because I recently received a package from my friend in the USA containing chocolate and, although they had opened it just to make sure, there was no preceding card through the door saying, "Hey, you have a package from abroad waiting for you, but we're not going to give it to you yet lolz". Maybe they think Mum is trying to send me drugs or bombs?

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  1. Well.. she does have world wide notoriety for such actions. Maybe it's just so boring at the post office that they pick a parcel from time to time to open, so they can pretend it's Christmas for a few minutes.