Ravens and Kangaroos

This is one of the children's books. It is called Vísnabókin, which means The Book of Rhymes. It's mostly poems about god and/or farmyard animals (kids love that stuff). The front cover looks like this:

What is that cat snickering about?

I know what I expect when I see such a book cover, and it isn't illustrations like this:

Yeah, that's a raven about to eat a decapitated sheep's head.

And then on the back cover we find this:

Which is presumably your child coming to you in the night because he's having nightmares about those cold, dead eyes and that gently lolling tongue. Slightly macabre?

I also enjoy this towel thing with animals on. All the animals are drawn with eyes and mouths that make them look either startled, saddened or possibly haunted by their time fighting in the Vietnam War. My favourites are the kangaroos and the cat.

These two have seen too much. You don't know, man, you weren't there.
Why? Why did you take my hummingbird? Why did you crumple up my map of Mother Earth?

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  1. Hahah you should try Strumparnir instead, I'm having a great time reading those books :P