Milk Story

In Iceland the nýmjólk ('fresh milk' - I would assume milk sold in supermarkets to be fresh, but it's nice to be sure) cartons have little stories on them, centered around words which have recently entered the Icelandic language. This is by far my favourite, mostly because of the expression on the woman's face.

The text reads:

Ding dong
The ringtone on Gulla's mobile phone was a recording of the doorbell in her house. If her mobile rang whilst she was at home, it was impossible for her to know whether she ought to go to the door or answer the phone. But that's how she wanted it. Life shouldn't be too predictable.

I think the artist has definitely captured, in Gulla's face, the thrill of being uncertain whether a noise is coming from a phone or the front door.

P.S. In case you didn't guess, the neologism here is hringitónn (ringtone).

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