When I grow up I want to be an eyebrow. No, only joking -  of course I want to be red in the rainbow.

But there is something wrong with my left eyebrow. There's a massive hole in it. I have not accidentally plucked the hole, or shaved it or anything. As far as I'm aware of, there's been nothing rubbing it... except maybe my hat, but then why is it only the left eyebrow? I find the situation confusing and alarming.

In other hair-related news, I need a haircut. Which is pretty bad news, because it means that not only will I have to get my hair cut by someone other than the woman from my village, which I do not feel good about (I never got my hair cut in Sheffield, even), but I will have to speak Icelandic to a stranger and then allow them to apply scissors to my hair. Although actually, I probably will ask if it's all right to conduct the exchange in English at least the first time. I do not feel confident about this.

Also, especially for Alex, here are a couple of amusing mistakes I have made over the past few weeks in my attempts to speak Icelandic:
  • I've been saying, "Ertu allt í lagi?" to mean "Are you all right?" I have recently found out that I should have been saying, "Er allt í lagi með þig?" What I have been saying translates more accurately as, "Are you quite all there?" Thinking back now, this does explain some slightly confused reactions.
  • Trying to say "feed the dog" (I forget the context), I got my verbs confused because of the similarity to English and used að fæða instead of að gefa. So what I actually said was "give birth to the dog". Oops.

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